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PVC Curtains

We sell PVC blinds at low prices in Jakarta. The use of PVC curtains is common in Indonesia. This product generally acts as a curtain on the door, making it easier for workers to enter and exit both workers and material handling such as forklifts and stackers. PVC curtains in industrial areas are able to maintain room temperature stability.There are many types of PVC curtains, including:1. Clear / transparent PVC curtain, this product is relied upon to maintain room temperature and provide good visibility.2. Blue PVC curtain, this type of strip curtain is widely used for production rooms and factories that rely on cold temperatures such as meat warehouses.3. Yellow / orange PVC curtain, this type of plastic curtain is relied on to sterilize the production area, because the yellow color can keep insects out of the room.4. Red PVC curtain, this type of plastic curtain is also used to maintain room temperature.The price of PVC / plastic curtains varies depending on the type and size. manufactured from quality, flexible PVC material. PVC material was chosen because of its characteristics as an insulator, not flammable, and transparent. These main characteristics make it the best choice for room partitions.Find various types of quality PVC curtains only to us for the most complete selection at low prices.Please contact us for details.

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