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Seal Ring

Selling low price seal rings The role of a seal is very important for tools or machines that rely on hydraulic systems that use oil or oil. This product is designed in a circular shape like a ring / ring, so it is also known as the O-Ring. Seal rings are generally made of soft materials such as synthetic rubber, plastic and so on. A seal ring is used as a static seal that functions the same as a gasket.Seal ring function - Maintain lubricant leaks (lubrication). - Keeps dirt and other material from entering the system. - Provide a liquid restriction so that it is not mixed. - Coating uneven surfaces. - Keeping components from being damaged quickly.The price of seal rings / o-rings varies depending on the type and size. Its use is tailored to the needs so that the installation is precise and can function properly.We provide various types of industrial seal rings according to your needs.Please contact us for detailed information.

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