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Jakarta neoprene rubber sheet
Rubber Sheet Rubber RollsNeoprene Rubber Neoprene rubber is a synthetic rubber made from the polymerization process of chloroprene and is often called polychloroprene. Neoprene is often needed as a raw material for several important products because it has the following advantages or advantages:- Neoprene is resistant to temperature or weather.- Neoprene is resistant to oil and water immersion.- Neoprene is resistant to solvents.- And there are still some advantages of other neoprene materials. The advantages and advantages of neoprene materials as mentioned above, making it the first choice for special products as follows:    Neoprene rubber sheet or neoprene rubber sheet is used as a raw material for rubber coatings in the lining process to resist corrosion caused by certain chemicals such as oil, oil, solvents or solvents or by a water bath.
    As a raw material for bridge bearing rubber products or rubber bearing pad.
    Used as the most appropriate raw material for diving clothing and gloves, because of its resistance to water immersion and its ability to isolate cold temperatures when used for diving.
    Used as an electrical insulator on various electronic equipment.
    Also used as a raw material for covers or covers for car seats. The use of neoprene material is due to its resistance to water and UV rays. It is suitable for motorists who may still sweat while driving their cars.
    And there are many other needs that can be met by this neoprene rubber.Neoprene rubber has several advantages compared to natural rubber, for example in its durability to work at high temperatures up to 200 ° F without failure or damage to the physical product of the neoprene rubber. The disadvantage is that when working under 40 ° F, this neoprene rubber product will fail or damage will usually become stiff or hardened.Rubber also has advantages when combined with other objects such as the process of rubber / rubber lining glued to the metal such as: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and others. With special treatment this neoprene rubber can be glued to glass and acrylic. Rubber Gasket
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