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Gland Packing Non Asbestos

Selling cheap gland packing Gland packing is a leak control material which is widely used for various industrial needs. This product acts as a seal that cannot be penetrated by oil and oil. Gland Packing is also used to reduce leakage of working fluids in rotating pumps such as centrifugal pumps and screw and gear pumps.Type of gland packing - Asbestos Gland packing - Non asbestos Gland packing - Teflon packing gland - Graphite Gland packing - Gland packing GFO - Gland packing ExtracktorWe offer cheap gland packing prices for superior products that are certainly reliable for your needs. Gland packing is produced from woven or woven graphite, Acrilic, PTFE, asbestos fibers and so on.We also provide various seal and gland needs according to your needs.Please contact us for detailed information.

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